Unrequited Love

Maxi Dress: This Is AKA
Heels: New Look

Oh My Goth isn't this just amazing!? My love of black sheer material and mesh has been greatly fulfilled due to AKA! The luxury streetwear brand from Manchester has a simply stunning selection of monochrome, minimalistic styles using some of my fave fabrics and silhouettes. I have been wearing this dress with my Dr Martens quite a bit having to try very hard not to do full on black eyeshadow and add a stud belt (you can take the goth out the girl....). I thought I would dress it up for a change so added some simple stilettos.

 I shot this the other night after shooting a exciting feature which you will hear more about soon with the amazing photographer Grey Pistachio and MUA Christiana *hey guys!* who worked wonders on my face (hence why I look more striking than usual).     


I'm The Pretty Sister


I'm The Pretty Sister tanks - GoodGirl Tees

Here is a very special post to brighten up your Monday!

If you didn't already know i'm an identical twin! So for the first time let me introduce you all to my lovely twin Lucinda (the one on the left if you can't tell the difference just yet ha).

Yes our childhood was filled with matching clothes and fighting over who was Mary- Kate and who was Ashley. Luckily we have grown up to be very different individuals. She's the brains, i'm the creative, she's the girly one and I'm the tomboy. Yes we do scarily similar things sometimes like when we would call one another for a evening chat only to find out we have had the exact same thing for dinner, even though we lived over 200 miles apart.

 I think this is the first time since childhood that we have dared to step into the same outfit, but how could we not to model these amazing "I'm The Pretty Sister" tanks from GoodGirl Tees? GoodGirl Tanks & Tees is a fashion brand celebrating women and girls who know their minds, know what they want and tend not to follow the rules. They are sure-fire conversation starters and FYI, the small print also makes boys look at your boobs haha. I am so in love with this brand who have over 50 slogans to choose from and I am lucky to have a few others to share with you guys in the coming weeks!


Nokia 3310

Yes that is a Nokia 3310 printed all over my skirt and i love it.  Now, who had a Nokia 3310? *hands up* I think every 90s kid did, i can still remember my excitement when i got it! This skirt is the first item i own from one of my fave brands Om Weekend or otherwise known as O-mighty. If i could, i would dress in O-mighty 24/7!

I have just moved back home and it has taken me 3 days to sort my room and stuff! 3 days! Amongst all that rubbish i found all my old mobiles - turns out i went through 5 in the past 3 years! I didn't break any of them either they just sorta died, probably because most were retro hand me downs similar to this Nokia gem as i couldn't afford a new one.  Although i now wouldn't live without my iphone i do miss the snake game, battery life and not having a massive phone bill each month *sigh*.


All I Wanna Be Is Somebody To You

Top: Eldima Fashion
Kimono: Choies Clothing
Skirt: Primark 
Sandals: Alison Sman

Summer time means its acceptable to mix things that wouldn't normally be acceptable. You can mix and match prints and colours, bikini's and this year you can even mix the normally flat sandal with a platform or heel - say whaaa? I'm so glad a pair of platform sandals is a must this year! It makes going from my staple winter Creepers a lot easier as it means I don't look a few inches shorter during the summer months! I have been doing a bit of searching around and have found some amazing pairs to add to my wish list on Nasty Gal,  Windsor Smith, SoleStruck,  Brantano and ASOS .

Also, this blog title is from that new Vamps song (how top 40 of me haha). It's my new car jam at the moment which now all my friends know thanks to my sister snapchat storying me singing loudly to it whilst in traffic. It just won't get out my head.


Sink or swim, hold your breath and just dive right in.

Here are a few swimwear looks from my holiday. I went a bit bikini cray cray and bought a ton of new ones because ya know, my 21 year old self trying to squeeze into the bikini's i had when i was 15 was not gunna happen anymore so i decided to buy a few fashionable ones. 

 Sunglasses: New Look
Necklace: Topshop
Bikini: Primark 
Jelly Shoes: Diechmann

 Bikini Top: Tesco's
Bikini Bottoms: Primark
Sandals: Ikrush

 Kimono: Hand me down 
Bikini: H&M

 Mermaid Bikini: This Is A Love Song 


forgive me while i forget you

 Suspender Denim Dress: 6ks.com
Bralet: Gilly Hickes

Florals for summer? How radical!

If like me your not really a dress person i instead chose this floral suspender dress so it still has that lovely floral summer feelin but with more chilled vibes.